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Let’s Talk Giving Back.

For over 110 years, we’ve been a committed partner in the communities where we operate. We are a family business, with a six-generation tradition of investing in the future of agriculture through support of education and youth programs. We strive to support the communities where our families, employees and customers live and work. We do this through financial, product and personal support of organizations which align with our philanthropic mission.

Agriculture & Youth Education

  • Sponsorship and donations are granted to a variety of local and state 4-H clubs and FFA organizations, as well as alumni organizations.
  • Tours, job shadow opportunities and internships are provided to high school and college students.
  • We sponsor county and state fairs benefiting youth and support young people who exhibit and sell animals at their local shows.
  • DeLong employees participate on local high school career, ag and technical education advisory panels.
  • We donated to the building of a new children’s library and community agriculture resource center.
  • We sponsor our local county agriculture ambassador program.
  • Our staff support career development events and student job fairs.

Scholarship Program

Food Pantry Support

  • Supporting local food pantries is a key part area of our charitable focus.
  • In the last two years we’ve granted $85,000 to local food pantries in our communities around the U.S. 
  • Learn more about our annual food pantry donations here.
  • Eligible food pantries in our communities can apply for support below by filling out a charitable request form at any time during the year.

Community Partnerships

  • DeLong facilities and equipment are provided to local and greater area emergency service teams for training workshops and rescue demonstrations.
  • Read about the $40,000 of grain bin rescue equipment that we donated to local fire departments.
  • We work with local mayors, sheriff departments and our chambers of commerce to sponsor and host community events, holiday open houses, parades and city tree lighting festivals.
  • Our export team partnered with a local Rotary club to provide shipping of a container full of donated books to the Philippines.
  • We support a number of local charity auctions and benefits that aid families in need, schools, churches and other non-profits.
  • In early COVID-19 crisis months, we made donations of PPE to local hospitals and increased food pantry giving.

Our Employees Give Back

  • Many employees are active participants and officers in a variety of community and non-profit organizations, including: local chapters of FFA and 4-H alumni, chambers of commerce, county agriculture business councils, state and national agricultural organizations, school boards, education foundations, church councils, park preservation groups, and charities that support various health causes.
  • Our Employee Charitable Match Program encourages employees to make donating a part of their lives. This program provides donations in matching amounts to organizations that our employees have chosen to personally support.

Organizations seeking donations may submit a request.

Download Our Charitable Request Form