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Our Vision – We Cultivate Prosperity

Our Mission

We are a multigenerational, family-owned business that provides innovative, value-based solutions in today’s dynamic environment. Employees are empowered to build strong relationships, manage risk, and create timely solutions that foster long-term success for our customers. Ownership is actively involved in the business, allowing us to adapt quickly and capitalize on opportunities.

Our Values


We tell the truth, keep our word and treat others with fairness and respect. Integrity is our most cherished asset and must not be compromised.


We treat everyone like family, which means providing opportunities while holding high expectations.


We invent and develop breakthrough solutions. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to be bold and flexible in solving problems, establishing world-class practices and adopting advanced technologies. 


We create opportunities for sustained improvement, development and profitability.


We deliver value by maintaining and demanding a high quality standard– from our owners, our employees and the products and services we put our name behind.

Family-Owned for Over 110 Years

DeLong Co. History