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Oct 23, 2023

Grown Climate Smart featured on The Business of Agriculture Podcast

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CLINTON, WI, October 23, 2023 Grown Climate Smart, a leading advocate for sustainable farming practices, announces its recent feature on The Business of Agriculture Podcast, hosted by Damian Mason. The lively podcast discussion focused on numerous agriculture practices, developing a market for sustainable grains, and what the future holds for climate-smart commodities from The DeLong Company’s perspective as well as a grower’s perspective.

This new feature on The Business of Agriculture Podcast, continues to show Grown Climate Smart’s dedication to promoting sustainable farming practices and educating the market on platforms that resonate with farmers, industry professionals, and environmentally-conscious consumers.

Damian Mason, host of The Business of Agriculture Podcast, is renowned for his global travels and engaging discussions about trends in the business of food, fuel, and fiber and is regarded as an Agriculture thought leader. Also included in this latest podcast episode was Randy Hughes, a farmer from Janesville, Wisconsin enrolled in the Grown Climate Smart program and a longtime customer of The DeLong Company. Randy Hughes shared invaluable insights from a farmer’s perspective, offering a unique viewpoint on sustainability in agriculture.

Dylan Vaca, Brand and Marketing Manager of Grown Climate Smart, expressed his gratitude for Randy Hughes’ participation, saying, “We are thrilled that Randy Hughes could join us on The Business of Agriculture Podcast, hosted by Damian Mason, to provide insights from a farmer’s perspective. His presence, allowed us to share more about the Grown Climate Smart offering and shed light on how the sustainable grain market is poised to command a premium in the near future.”

This dynamic podcast episode builds upon Grown Climate Smart’s mission to lead the way in climate-smart agriculture by advocating for climate-smart farming practices that ultimately empower consumers to choose sustainably grown products. The episode serves as an educational resource for those seeking deeper insights into sustainable agriculture, climate-smart commodities, and the ongoing efforts to transform the agricultural landscape.

Grown Climate Smart remains committed to its mission of championing sustainable farming practices that benefit both farmers and the environment. The company is excited to continue sharing its expertise and vision with a broader audience through platforms like The Business of Agriculture Podcast.

To tune into this enlightening podcast episode featuring Grown Climate Smart along with Randy Hughes offering a dual perspective on sustainability in agriculture, click here.

Eligible farmers can receive incentives on a per acre basis on new or existing practices that fall within the Grown Climate Smart practices guidelines. To learn more visit our Growers Info page.