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Dec 13, 2023

DeLco Crop Insurance Welcomes Five Agents to Team

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CLINTON, WI – The DeLong Co., Inc. is proud to welcome five new individuals to DeLco Crop Insurance, the company’s recently launched independent insurance agency.

New team members include: Rachel McDonald (Crop Ins. Processing Manager/Agent), Emily DeLong (Crop Ins. Agent), Niki Luety (Seed Division and Crop Ins. Agent), Greta Arndt Esser (Agronomy Division and Crop Ins. Agent), and McKenna Pfeuti (Agronomy Division and Crop Ins. Agent). These individuals bring a combined 32 years of crop insurance experience to the agency.

“Our goal with DeLco Crop Insurance is to help secure the future for our growers by providing a strong risk management foundation,” said Melissa Gerner, Insurance Lead of the new agency. “By combining the knowledge and the service that DeLong customers have come to know and expect with the industry experience of our team, we are in a position to help growers do just that. With this dedicated team of agents, I’m truly excited about the opportunities and insurance options we can provide to growers moving forward.”

Gerner, who heads the new team, has two decades of extensive experience in the crop insurance sector. Notably, she served as a former National Education Manager for one of the industry’s Approved Insurance Providers (AIP), where she delivered widespread training and education to agents and producers across the country. The team’s Regional Crop Insurance Advisor is Jon Scheets, who boasts a career spanning more than 25 years within the AIP sector, notably serving as a National Sales Manager and spearheading the development of private products.

DeLco Crop Insurance, which launched in early December 2023, marks The DeLong Co., Inc’s debut as an autonomous insurance agency. Presently, the DeLco Crop Insurance team operates in Wisconsin and Illinois, and is headquartered in Avalon, Wisconsin.

For detailed information, visit, contact via email at, or call 608.600.8030.

The DeLong Co., Inc., a sixth-generation family-owned enterprise headquartered in Clinton, WI, operates across 38 locations nationwide. The company encompasses six divisions specializing in agricultural and logistical sales and services, including grain, exports, agronomy, seed, transportation, and wholesale feed.

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Rachel McDonald

Emily DeLong

Niki Luety

Greta Arndt

McKenna Pfeuti

Melissa Gerner

Jon Scheets