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Nov 08, 2023

Central Standard Raises a Glass to Sustainability Initiative

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Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee-based Central Standard Craft Distillery has entered a new partnership with The DeLong Co., Inc.’s Grown Climate Smart brand. The two Wisconsin-based companies are working together to enhance the distillation process with Central Standard’s various spirits. The distillation of spirits through grains grown and harvested around Milwaukee are a key component to Central Standard’s mission, but elevating it to ensure sustainable agricultural processes is the new goal. Through The DeLong Co., Inc. Grown Climate Smart initiative, Central Standard is doubling down on the distillation of their spirits with high quality, sustainable, and responsible agricultural practices.

Central Standard Craft Distillery co-founder, Pat McQuillan, is thrilled to announce this partnership. “We continually explore sustainable business practices, and now partnering with The DeLong Co., Inc., we’re embracing it even more. Our spirits are distilled with locally sourced crops, grains and ingredients that are grown the right way with positive climate initiatives in mind.”

The DeLong Co., Inc. was a natural fit with Central Standard. The two companies align in various ways – local, family-owned business, deeply committed to innovation, development of quality products with responsible practices surrounding the environment. Both organizations understand the way that agriculture shapes everyday life, and through their innovative and value-based solutions, they allow for ongoing sustainability initiatives into their operations, such as the Grown Climate Smart initiative.

The DeLong Co., Inc.’s Grown Climate Smart Brand and Marketing Manager Dylan Vaca expresses pure excitement for this partnership. “By collaborating with Central Standard, we are able to continue sharing the Grown Climate Smart initiative and highlighting local companies that incorporate sustainable best-practices in their operation and products. It’s a win-win for consumers and the environment!”

The Grown Climate Smart Initiative is leading the way in climate smart agricultural practices, for both growers and consumers. This initiative includes incentivized sustainable farming practices, such as: cover crops, reduced or no till, nutrient management plans, and windbreak establishment and renovation. Consumers are encouraged to support this initiative when they see the Grown Climate Smart seal, which will now be featured on Central Standard products. The seal marks products that are produced using sustainable and climate resilient farming practices, such as those that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote carbon sequestration.

All Central Standard products are crafted through small-batch, quality controlled distillation processes, with local ingredients, to produce the highest quality spirits. By marking each product with the Grown Climate Smart Seal, this high-quality aspect will be demonstrated even further. This seal will be proudly displayed on these series of their products: bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, and their Pour Ready Cocktails.

Sustainably produced products are still at the forefront of consumer decision making at the retail level. In fact, the USDA’s 2023 provision of $3 Billion in climate-smart grants supports that and is in-line with what consumers are reaching for.

Both the Central Standard and The DeLong Co., Inc. Grown Climate Smart teams encourage individuals to look for their products on the shelf, and continue to support sustainably-produced companies and products.

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Central Standard Craft Distillery Co-Branding

Grown Climate Smart and Central Standard Craft Distillery Collaboration Group with Spirits

Grown Climate Smart and Central Standard Craft Distillery Collaboration Group

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