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For over 110 years,

we’ve been committed to serving agriculture, not just for this year’s harvest – but for the families and communities we work with and future generations to come.

We believe in building something that lasts. Our aim is cultivating prosperity for our customers, building long-term relationships and ensuring that every seed planted, and every grain sold is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.

We develop innovative solutions while providing the highest quality products, services and programs to our customers- initiatives that embody our mission and provide greater opportunities to our growers and the industry. We’re sowing the seeds of greatness, and we invite you to learn more.

Explore our programs and see how we turn our commitment to cultivating prosperity into real results.

DeLong Co. News

Jul 08, 2024

The DeLong Co., Inc. Announces Lease of Port of Oswego Grain Export Center

Radio Market Recap
Jul 22, 2024

July 22, 2024 Radio Market Recap

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